Need A Musical Theatre Director for your Homeschool Group? Jenny Hatch will Travel!

I am available for Musical Theatre Instruction for your Homeschool Group.

Costs are:
$5,000 for a four week rehearsal run
$7,000.00 for a six week rehearsal run

I will produce and direct any show from the Broadway Jr. Kids Series with your troupe of home school students.

If you are in Colorado anywhere along the front range from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, I will not need housing.  But if you are out of that range, I will need a hotel space with a kitchen.

Additional fees include travel costs (A rental car for four to six weeks anywhere west of the Mississippi or flight/Uber costs for the east coast).

The show will also require about $2,000.00 for production costs as well as approximately a $200.00 costume fee per student.

Andy, Ben and Jenny at Bens Choir ConcertA large rehearsal and performing space (At least five hundred seats) is also required.

My Theatrical Resume’ is located on my Blog HERE.  I am also a Musical Theatre Vocal Coach based in Longmont, Colorado.

Please contact me by email or phone 435-592-3884 to contract for services.


Jenny Hatch

PS Please note that I am a Faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), so if your group is not comfortable with my religion, you may want to reconsider hiring me


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